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A selection of photos from around the division submitted by the membership and for the membership.  If you have any photo's you'd like to submit please send them to the site administrator.  

Thanks to Bill Miller for providing many of the photos for use on this site.  Please visit his webpage at:





(as per Pension Plan Rules Document Dated June 2004)

CPR Pension Services - 1-888-511-7557

Since each members situation is different, I have elected to scan the Pension Guide Q & A which was put out in January of 2005 as an aid to highlight the pension plan changes.

2004 CPR Pension Plan Rules 
Jan 2005 Pension Guide 

In addition to the guide, CPR Pension Services mails an Annual Pension Statement to each employee every year.  This document is required to be sent by law so if you have not received  your statement please call the number at the top of this page and request a copy.  This statement will answer most of your specific questions including:

  • your service

  • projected retirement date based on service

  • highest plan earnings

  • total contributions

  • projected pension

  • survivor pension

  • definitions

  • more...

This statement will not include benefits administered by the RRB.  Members who qualify for an RRB pension will have their CPR portion reduced accordingly.  Please see the RRB section of this site for information on contacting the RRB.

At the current time neither CP nor the union provide financial counseling in regards to employee pensions.  However members with questions may also wish to contact the local chapter of the CP Pensioners Association as well: 

Canadian Pacific Railway Pensioners Association - London Chapter

Office: 519-668-5272 (H)
Mail c/o: Duchess of Kent Legion
499 Hill St
London, ON
N6B 1E8

Charlie McClure - Secretary

Nelson Patterson - Treasurer
519-681-2792 (H)

Jimmy Harris - President
519-668-5272 (H)

More resources:

Pension Benefit Standards Act 1985 
2003 CPR Pension Plan highlights presentation